Work Samples

Public Private Action offers a set of skills for the public and private sectors. These focus on creating opportunities for the client to expand and improve their business, increase visibility through outreach, engage and inform their membership or customers, provide access to other stakeholders including elected officials to participate in the public policy process, develop advocacy strategies, and build strategies to expand business and/or public policy involvement. These skills and services overlap at times in order to provide a comprehensive approach that addresses the client’s mission, goals, needs and priorities.

Example #1

Change language in the stimulus package legislation so it is consistent in both House and Senate. The policy needs to remain environmentally friendly, and enable urban systems to receive school construction stimulus dollars before other systems due to their higher need.

Solution:  Meet with and email language suggestions to both House and Senate leadership and other key members so they understand the issue and why a change is needed to have consistency in the environmental building standards for elementary and secondary schools, and institutions of higher education.  For urban districts draft and support language that provides an advantage for the 100 largest school systems with poor student population by enabling the districts to access money first.

Outcome:  The language in the final American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contains consistency for the standards.  Also, the legislation creates a school construction tax credit which provides to the largest 100 districts their allocation within a state before any other districts can apply to use the credit.

Example #2

Gain access to select urban school systems to present the company’s product.

Solution:  Develop a targeted strategy in cities and school systems where the company has not had success and make contacts for appointments with key staff in the school systems, state education agencies, and select locally elected officials and staff.

Outcome:  The barriers to access in local districts and states were broken and meetings were held  where there had been no access in the past.

Example #3

Find a way to promote a new technology that assists mayors and city/county government to be more efficient, effective and transparent when necessary.

Solution:  Cold call or utilize contacts in mayors’ offices to introduce the product and schedule meetings and demonstrations with the appropriate staff and decision makers.

Outcome:  Continuing to Increase the company’s access in cities and its sales.

Example #4

Gain greater visibility and access for a national association.

Solution:  Work with the association’s leadership to develop a strategic plan to increase the organization’s engagement in the public policy process; participation in meetings in the nation's capital; scheduling meetings with targeted members of Congress and their staff, and work with other associations and organizations on issues and policies of common interest.

Outcome:  The Association met with staff of key members of Congress, helped write some legislation, developed new working partnerships with several major associations, instituted an outreach process for the association leadership, established a Washington representative for the association, and co-sponsored meetings and webinars on an issue of common interest with one association for the larger stakeholder audience.

Example #5

Heighten awareness and change policy on a specific issue in higher education.

Solution: Met with key staff at the Department of Education and Congress to discuss the issue of transfer of college credit and increased awareness of the national problem.  Draft language at the request of a member's staff for the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act to address the issue.

Outcome:  Language was included during the conference committee process to the final bill to begin to address the issue and broaden the conversation on transfer of credit.

Example #6

Work with a start-up to build its business and make contacts.

Solution:  Increase the exposure of the start-up to a variety of groups and potential customers around the country.  Arrange meetings with potential customers, and key association and business leadership that can help expand the start-up’s universe and exposure.

Outcome:  The start-up has increased the number of proposals to finance charter schools. Also, the start-up has begun to meet with other potential clients outside of the charter school arena such as  higher education institutions.