Public Private Action offers a set of skills for the public and private sectors. These focus on creating opportunities for the client to expand and improve their business, increase visibility through outreach, engage and inform their membership or customers, provide access to other stakeholders including elected officials to participate in the public policy process, develop advocacy strategies, and build strategies to expand business and/or public policy involvement. These skills and services overlap at times in order to provide a comprehensive approach that addresses the client’s mission, goals, needs and priorities.

Policy:   Conducts public policy analyses and research on a variety of issues for clients; provides government relations, tracks legislation, makes presentations and online briefings for associations, businesses and individual groups; drafts testimony and legislative specand provides advice and counsel on policy strategies and positions. 

Access:  Facilitates access to associations, organizations, elected officials, federal, state and local agency staff, individuals, and Congressional staff.

Strategy:  Works with the client to build and shape strategic plans including setting priorities as part of their effort to expand one’s business, market, visibility and/or become more engaged in the public policy process.

Outreach:  Develops outreach strategies to create greater visibility for associations, organizations and companies “Inside the Beltway” and nationally.  This includes building public engagement plans and strategies.  Conducts the outreach effort for clients on a project by project basis.

Advocacy:  Acts as an advocate for the group, association, organization, institution or business on specific issues or topics as well as developing advocacy strategies for the client.  This could be to Congress, other associations and organizations, and federal agencies.

Management:  Works with clients to improve the management of specific projects and initiatives, and devises new approaches to structuring an association, group or business to become more effective and efficient.  Also, will manage parts of specific projects and initiatives.