About Us

Public Private Action offers a set of skills for the public and private sectors. These focus on creating opportunities for the client to expand and improve their business, increase visibility through outreach, engage and inform their membership or customers, provide access to other stakeholders including elected officials to participate in the public policy process, develop advocacy strategies, and build strategies to expand business and/or public policy involvement. These skills and services overlap at times in order to provide a comprehensive approach that addresses the client’s mission, goals, needs and priorities.

Public Private Action produces the widely respected “Fritzwire” which is the leading national education email newsletter.  The newsletter is sponsored by Widmeyer Communications.   It provides current information on education and related legislation; Congressional hearings, meetings, conferences and pertinent webinars; new information on research and publications; stimulus package websites; and job opportunities.  The newsletter has a broad nation-wide audience that includes association staff; elected officials; Congressional staff;  federal, state and local education agency officials and staff; local and state government staff; business and organization leadership; educators; foundations; university faculty; reporters; policy makers and researchers; bloggers; and other individuals and interested parties.